Why the LA Chargers should push hard for an Orlando Brown trade

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(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

3. The LA Chargers have the money to extend Orlando Brown after this season

The LA Chargers’ cap situation in 2021 is a bit misleading as they have cap space but they are one of two teams in the top 15 in cap space that have fewer than 50 players signed to their roster. With Hunter Henry’s free agency, that cap space is going to dwindle this offseason.

However, they do not have to worry about paying Brown this season as he is still on his rookie deal. The big deal is going to come next year and that is something that the LA Chargers could work on as soon as he is traded to the team.

The Bolts have the money to give Brown an expensive extension that would likely be in the four-year, $50-60 million range. That is the luxury of having your quarterback on a rookie contract.

According to Spotrac, the LA Chargers currently only have $93 million in cap space used in 2022. There are only 18 players signed, but that number will go up with the next two drafts as well as re-signing some players.

The only big-name player that is going to take a chunk of the cap space is Hunter Henry. The rest will be lesser deals and when you look at who the Chargers are freeing up money-wise it is clear that they are going to have more than enough space.

Mike Williams is making $15 million next season and is off the books, Trai Turner’s $11.2 million, Linval Joseph’s $11.5 million, Casey Hayward’s $11.75 million and Chris Harris’s $11.25 million.

Derwin James will be on his fifth-year rookie option, which is fine, and the Chargers are freeing up even more money the following offseason. Bryan Bulaga’s $14 million will be off the books.

Options to replace Hunter Henry if he walks. Next

The LA Chargers are more than capable of extending Brown, which is half of the battle to begin with.