LA Chargers mock draft: Trading down from the 13th pick

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(Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

With the 195th overall pick, the LA Chargers select Tony Poljan, TE, Virginia

The LA Chargers already have one massive tight end in Donald Parham so why not bring in another tight end who stands in at six-foot-seven in Tony Poljan?

Realistically, the Chargers need to replace the blocking presence at tight end that Virgil Green provided and Poljan is one of those classic late-draft tight ends that fall in the order because they are a block-first prospect.

Poljan can offer a red zone threat but the Chargers do not really need another receiving threat in the tight end room.

With the 204th overall pick, the LA Chargers select Jaret Patterson, RB, Buffalo

This is the case of picking the most talented player available and while I do not love taking running backs in back-to-back years, this does give the Chargers depth for protection against Justin Jackson’s injury history and Joshua Kelley’s disappointing rookie season.

Patterson is a versatile back that can hold his own in any area of the game and projects to be a solid rotational running back.

With the 239 overall pick, the LA Chargers select Lamont Wade, S, Penn State

The LA Chargers are not going to get much out of a seventh-round pick so they might as well take the best athlete available, right?

Wade is like Desmond King in that he is a safety that is probably going to get his only looks on the inside in nickel and dime formations — and that is just fine.

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He is blazing fast and is a fairly good athlete, making him, at the very least, a decent option in special teams. That is a win for a seventh-round pick and the rest is gravy.