Putting the Justin Herbert-Deshaun Watson trade idea to bed


The online discussions of trading LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson are absurd.

While Watson is undoubtedly better than Justin Herbert is right now, it would be ludicrous to suggest a trade between the two. This trade isn’t going to happen, but the thought of some even talking about it should not be happening.

Watson had a better pass completion percentage than Herbert and was the league leader in yards on the season. The two have strong-arm talent and are comfortable outside the pocket, Watson more so than Herbert.

However, Herbert is bigger and stronger and thus his mobility for his size is a little more impressive.

On paper, a swap with draft picks sounds even but looking into it more, the LA Chargers would be foolish to trade Justin Herbert for Deshaun Watson.

Now from the Texans’ point of view, this trade would be great. Watson told the organization he wants out and in today’s game, professional athletes tend to get their way.

The Texans would get a player coming off of an amazing rookie year already ascending and on a rookie deal. Additionally, they would get a younger player whose potential is sky-high.

Trading for Herbert would be a great way to restart your franchise. Without a high draft pick, the Texans will need to accumulate picks if they are to trade Watson. Any team can offer picks and since the Chargers aren’t a team with a lot of draft capital they shouldn’t be a contender to acquire Watson.

From the Chargers’ point of view, this trade should not even be thought about. One of the most difficult phases an NFL team can go through is a quarterback carousel and the Chargers already hit the jackpot by drafting Herbert.

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The sole argument for the Chargers to trade is simply that Watson is a better quarterback right now. While that may be the case, we don’t know how good Herbert can be. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s not too farfetched to see Herbert surpass Watson in the near future. Watson would also skyrocket the wage bill if he came to L.A

Some may argue that Herbert is not a proven player yet, but the organization has reason to keep their faith in him.

Coming off of one of the best rookie quarterback seasons, Herbert excelled against top-quality teams and even played through a sub-par coaching staff.

There is no reason the Chargers should give up a player who is arguably a top 10 quarterback right now. It’s not smart from an NFL perspective to try and upgrade one of your greatest strengths especially at the cost of valuable draft capital.

With Herbert on the rookie deal, if the Chargers wanted to move in a different direction they wouldn’t risk losing much money to wages. The Bolts already have enough wage issues to resolve and would not benefit from taking on Watson’s big contract.

The Chargers don’t need to worry about the quarterback position and are set for the next decade with Herbert under center. He played like a veteran quarterback with his deep long balls, mobility, and composure under pressure.

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L.A. already has their franchise quarterback and shouldn’t trade Justin Herbert for anyone.