LA Chargers: Pros and cons of hiring Brian Daboll as head coach

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Con of Brian Daboll coaching the LA Chargers: Inexperience as a leader and head coach

We don’t know how Daboll will deal with a locker room as the primary leader. One of Lynn’s great qualities was making sure that everyone played up to a certain standard. The Chargers never quit on Lynn in the way that many teams have quit on coaches in the past.

Something to consider in this coaching cycle was experience. Urban Meyer, Jason Garrett, Josh McDaniels, and Doug Pederson were former head coaches that were available.

I’m not saying any of those guys deserved the job more than Daboll, but they do have valuable experience as head coaches. The Chargers are making another bet in the Tom Telesco tenure on an unproven offensive coordinator.

Whether it will work out or not is TBD, but both of their previous former OC head coach hires flamed out in four years. Many think he’ll be better at situational football than Lynn or Mike McCoy, but we won’t truly know until later this year.

All sexy coordinator hires sound good in theory up until the rubber meets the road. I don’t quite agree with the criticism of hiring another offensive coordinator, but having concerns about his leadership style and head coaching ability is reasonable. The last Bills’ offensive coordinator the Chargers hired…well you know what happened.

Some fans are going to wish that the team had gone with a former head coach this time around. Daboll will have to quell those concerns by going tit for tat with coaches like Andy Reid as a first-time head coach himself.