LA Chargers: Pros and cons of hiring Brian Daboll as head coach

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(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Brian Daboll has been the LA Chargers‘ favorite to land the head coaching job via several oddsmakers.

This morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirmed all of the noise with a report saying that Daboll is in the lead to become head coach:

Sources: Bills’ OC Brian Daboll has emerged as a favorite to land the Los Angeles Chargers' head coaching job:

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 16, 2021

This isn’t confirmation that Daboll will be head coach, but it is the report that has come closest to that point. It’s time to start talking about the Bills’ offensive coordinator as if he will ultimately be hired in Los Angeles.

Most Chargers fans that I’ve talked to are very pro-Daboll. For the most part, I agree with them in the sense that he’s the best for the job out of the remaining choices. With every coaching hire, there are positives and negatives though.

Pro of Brian Daboll coaching the LA Chargers: His work with Josh Allen

Josh Allen’s development is a product of his own work in addition to the many people that have worked with him since he was drafted. A lot of people tend to say something along the lines of “Daboll developed Allen”. To me, that’s partially true. Allen’s mechanics were mostly worked on by Buffalo’s quarterbacks coaches and NFL QB trainer Jordan Palmer.

That being said, Daboll is the guy who built an elite offense around his strengths. Sure, some of Buffalo’s offensive explosion is related to Allen getting a dangerous weapon in Stefon Diggs last offseason. It’s also been great to see the other offensive weapons develop.

Cole Beasley received second-team All-Pro honors while Gabriel Davis has shown how valuable he can be. Daboll deserves credit for his scheme giving a lot of offensive players who had previously been marginal a better chance to succeed.

Daboll’s greatest offensive attribute in my opinion is creating throwing windows. He never allows the offense to become stagnant through the air. It felt like on every drive for the last two months that there was always an open receiver for Allen to throw the ball to.

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We looked at Brian Daboll’s ability to scheme throwing windows for QB Josh Allen — vs. zone coverage.

Move & influence defenders — to open up the middle of the field. @gregcosell @NFLFilms

— Matt Bowen (@MattBowen41) January 9, 2021

Allen is without a doubt a top 10 quarterback in the league now and a lot of it goes back to what Daboll has been able to scheme up for him with his improved mechanics. That’s the type of stuff that makes fans salivate over the idea of him and Herbert together.