LA Chargers: The best new job fits for Anthony Lynn

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Anthony Lynn’s best job fits: 3. Special teams coordinator of the Denver Broncos

This is a job that is not available yet, but there is writing on the wall that the Denver Broncos are going to love elsewhere this offseason. John Elway said in an interview that most (not all) of the Broncos’ staff would return in 2021. Based on his comments and the team’s performance, special teams coordinator Tom McMahon seems like the most likely to go.

McMahon has been the special teams coordinator of the Broncos for three seasons and they have been mediocre every single year. McMahon made some questionable decisions this year and I would be shocked if he still had his job in Denver next season.

Lynn would not be the first Chargers coached to be fired to jump ship to the Broncos as that is exactly what Mike McCoy did, although this would be a different role. While most of Lynn’s coaching career has been spent on offense, he does have some special teams experience.

Lynn broke into coaching as a special teams assistant with the Denver Broncos and took over the Chargers’ special teams late in the season, and to his credit, the special teams did get better when Lynn was in charge.

Quite frankly, the most important thing with a special teams coordinator is having someone who makes the guys buy into what they’re doing and can lead an organized group of individuals. Lynn can certainly do that.

He would not have to make the decisions of when to punt, kick the field goal or go for it. He would have a say, but that would be Vic Fangio’s call and Lynn’s main responsibility, essentially, would be to properly prepare the unit and serve as a good player’s coach for the entire team.

The connection is strong as well. Not only did Lynn coach in Denver, but he spent the last three seasons of his career with Denver and was part of the two John Elway-led Super Bowl teams.

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That, and getting a good rub from former Charger Melvin Gordon, might just be enough to convince Elway to give him the job.