LA Chargers: Staff predictions for Week 17 vs. Kansas City Chiefs


The LA Chargers wrap up the 2020 season on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 2020 season has been extremely disappointing for the LA Chargers and it is finally coming to an end. The Bolts are on the road, taking on a resting Kansas City Chiefs team that has absolutely nothing to play for.

The Chargers are really banged up in this game and the Chiefs are resting Patrick Mahomes among other starters on the offense. It is a game that means absolutely nothing, with the biggest stakes being the Chargers’ spot in the 2021 NFL Draft.

It also matters for our year-long Bolt Beat staff predictions. The Bolt Beat staff has been picking our winners as well as against the points total for every single game this season. With one game remaining, there are several people vying for the number one spot.

According to the Action Network, the points total for this game is set at 43. Here is how the Bolt Beat staff sees the game going down.

Staff predictions for LA Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs:

Alex Insdorf (16-12): Kansas City Chiefs 24, LA Chargers 21

“I just want Justin Herbert to have some fun.”

Devon Auriemma (16-14): LA Chargers 27, Kansas City Chiefs 21

“This game is a complete toss-up. Both sides are sitting key players in a meaningless game. I’ll take the Chargers to win this because I think the coaching staff will give Herbert a chance to break the rookie passing yards record and end the season on a high note.”

Ryan Daley (18-8): LA Chargers 27, Kansas City Chiefs 20

“I have faith that the Chargers could get a win this week especially with the number of players the Chiefs will be resting this week. It could be a close one but I’ll give the Chargers the slight edge.”

Steven Haglund (18-10): LA Chargers 27, Kansas City Chiefs 23

“The Chargers finish the 2020 season with a four-game win streak and three against division opponents. Both teams will be playing a lot of backups, but the Chargers have Justin Herbert. It really is as simple as that this week. Although, I feel much less confident about this game than I did the last two because of Andy Reid’s genius.”

Tyler Gallagher (18-12): LA Chargers 20, Kansas City Chiefs 18

“This game is going to look like a preseason game, and it is just as hard to predict too. Chad Henne could have a decent game against a battered Chargers pass rush and secondary with the support of good coaching and the fact that the Chargers have no recent film on him.

If that happens, it could play into the Chargers’ favor if they are forced to abandon the running game and rely on Herbert. Instead, I expect the Chargers to take advantage of some mistakes by this backup Chiefs squad to come up with one last sloppy win in this 2020-2021 season.”

Jason Reed (16-14): Kansas City Chiefs 24, LA Chargers 23

Yes, the Chiefs are playing their backups but the Chargers might as well be playing their backups as they are extremely banged up. Sure, the Chiefs have absolutely nothing to play for while Anthony Lynn has to impress to try and keep his job, but the coaching advantage is so massive for Kansas City.

That alone swings the game in the Chiefs’ favor. Travis Kelce is still playing and Andy Reid is still in charge. That alone is enough for the Chiefs to squeak by the Bolts.

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But hey, on the good side, it will help with draft capital!