4 New Year’s Resolutions for the LA Chargers in 2021

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports – LA Chargers

2. A new coaching staff

This was the number one priority on the priorities list that I put together earlier this week and it should also be one of the team’s biggest resolutions. Lucky enough, the Chargers have complete control over this. This is not the case of the team having to have better luck and not suffer injuries.

The front office has all the power in the world to cut ties with this coaching staff and start fresh with their franchise quarterback. Anthony Lynn had a great 2018, a decent 2017 and two really disappointing seasons the last two years with a talented roster. It is time to move on.

It is more than just the wins and losses, though. Every Charger fan that watches this team has seen how badly Lynn mismanages the clock and in-game situations to the point that it has become laughable.

The Chargers called a running play in the red zone with no timeouts and limited time remaining on the clock twice this season — both times running out of time and not scoring at all. Not once… twice!

There are so many quality coaching candidates, more so this year than previous years. As great of a person as Lynn is and as good of a motivator as he is, it is clear that this team is not reaching its potential with Lynn at the helm.

However, I would not be shocked if he holds onto his job. The Chargers could finish the season 7-9 with a win over the second-string Kansas City Chiefs, giving them four straight wins to finish the season, three of which in the division.

Congrats: the Chargers won four meaningless games against three losing teams and (potentially) a second-string team. It really is not that impressive.