LA Chargers: Staff predictions for Week 16 vs. Denver Broncos


A battered LA Chargers team hosts the Denver Broncos in Week 16.

The LA Chargers and Denver Broncos do not really have anything to play for in Week 16 other than pride. The only thing that is actually impactful is how this game impacts the 2021 NFL Draft order, as both the Denver Broncos and LA Chargers are 5-9.

We already outlined how a win or a loss could effect the Bolts’ standing in the 2021 NFL Draft. The difference in the draft pick location heading into Week 17 could be as much as seven spots.

Thus, some Charger fans might be okay with rooting for the loss. Others want to see the Chargers get revenge against a division rival. Here is how the Bolt Beat staff thinks the game will go down, with both the winner and the point total being picked. According to the Action Network, the points total is 48.5.

Bolt Beat’s LA Chargers vs. Denver Broncos predictions:

Alex Insdorf (15-11): LA Chargers 27, Denver Broncos 24

“The Chargers enter this game with some key injuries but the Broncos aren’t particularly healthy either. With optimal conditions in a dome-like environment, I trust Justin Herbert more than I do Drew Lock.

It’ll be as close as Chargers-Broncos games usually are, but I see the Chargers extending their win streak to three against a defense in a tough spot.”

Brandon Viera (10-16): LA Chargers 34, Denver Broncos 21

“The Chargers can continue to build momentum and hopefully do not want to end up the worst team in the division for back to back years. They’re going into the game banged up, but Herbert has no problem working with anyone in the offense. Keep playing winning football.”

Devon Auriemma (16-12): Denver Broncos 27, LA Chargers 24

“With Joey Bosa and Uchenna Nwosu missing this game, I’ll take the Broncos to win. Drew Lock played well in the last meeting and without two of the Chargers best pass rushers, it will be tough for them to generate any pressure on Lock.”

Ryan Daley (17-7): LA Chargers 28, Denver Broncos 24

“This game is going to be interesting saying that the Chargers have a lot of injuries. Especially on that defensive line. I think the Chargers can get their revenge this week and come out with a win!”

Steven Haglund (17-9): LA Chargers 30, Denver Broncos 24

“The Denver Broncos secondary is in shambles, which should lead to a big day for the Chargers offense. Justin Herbert will break the rookie record for touchdown passes and have another 300-yard game. However, the defense could be in for a long day without Joey Bosa and Uchenna Nwosu.”

Tyler Gallagher (18-10): Denver Broncos 30, LA Chargers 27

“In 2020, Drew Lock has looked average or even good at times from a clean pocket, but he has been awful when pressured. In Week 16, Joey Bosa, Uchenna Nwosu, and Melvin Ingram are out. The Chargers don’t have a coach that likes to blitz or a coach willing to fully unleash their star quarterback. See the problem here?”

Jason Reed (15-13): Denver Broncos 23, LA Chargers 19

The LA Chargers should have won this game last time and it took an epic collapse for the team to lose. This time, it will be the injury bug that bites the Chargers in the behind.

Justin Herbert is without his two favorite targets in Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry and the defense is extremely banged up with Joey Bosa and Uchenna Nwosu being hurt.

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This is just a recipe for ugliness for the Chargers and I think they lose a close game on their home turf.