Why the LA Chargers won’t sign any new free agents in 2021

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports – LA Chargers

The LA Chargers will be rather inactive in free agency next offseason.

The LA Chargers are not really playing for anything as the NFL season enters its final stretch. The one thing that every Charger fan is watching is Justin Herbert’s play and his ascension to several all-time rookie quarterback records. At least we have something to root for.

For many, though, the focus has already turned to the offseason. Some fans are looking ahead to the NFL Draft and wanting the team to lose to maximize the draft capital. Others are pitching their own dream scenarios for the next head coach, assuming Anthony Lynn is let go from his job.

One thing that has not gotten a lot of buzz is free agency, and for the right reasons. While the LA Chargers were active in free agency last year and in years prior, the team is going to be rather inactive this time around.

Sure, they may make the minuscule depth signing or two (like a Nick Vigil) but that will be the absolute extent of their activity. Simply put: I would not expect any exciting new faces in powder blue next season.

The writing is on the wall and we can forecast this months ahead of time because of the situation that the Chargers are in, as well as recent history. Let’s first break down the situation, then the history.