LA Chargers: Staff predictions for Week 14 vs. Atlanta Falcons


The LA Chargers host the Atlanta Falcons in Week 14 of the 2020 season.

This game is going to be something to watch. We have two teams in the LA Chargers and Atlanta Falcons who find new ways to lose every single week. It will be interesting to see which team blows it worse.

The Chargers’ season is essentially over. At this point, there are two things to really root for: Justin Herbert to break several of the rookie passing records and the Chargers to get the best draft pick possible.

As we have every week, the Bolt Beat staff got together to predict both the winning team and the final point total. According to The Action Network, the betting points total is set at 48.5.

Staff predictions for LA Chargers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Alex Insdorf (13-9): Atlanta Falcons 30, LA Chargers 24

“There will be some obvious motivation in this one for the team to have a bounce-back game. As much as fans want to tank for the best player in the draft, losing 45-0 can’t feel that good as a player.

Unfortunately, Atlanta has been playing quality football ever since Raheem Morris became the coach. I don’t see Anthony Lynn taking over more responsibility going well. Herbert has a good game, but the Chargers come up short again.”

Brandon Viera (8-14): LA Chargers 34, Atlanta Falcons 27

“Yes, I come out week after week and think the Chargers are finally going to win a game they should win. No, they never actually win those games. However, keep Ridley from torching you and take advantage of a not so great defense. Get it done already for my sanity.”4

Devon Auriemma (16-8): Atlanta Falcons 27, LA Chargers 24

“Both teams come into this matchup with good offenses and struggling defenses which should make for an entertaining matchup. This game could go either way, but with how poorly the Chargers have played the past couple of weeks, it’s hard to see them winning any game from here on out.”

Ryan Daley (15-5): Atlanta Falcons 28, LA Chargers 21

“I have no idea how this game could go. Chargers could surprise us which is why I’m not picking them. Also because I want that top-3 draft pick.”

Steven Haglund (16-6): Atlanta Falcons 31, LA Chargers 27

“After last week the Chargers “bounce back” and play a close game. But after the 45-0 blowout, it’s impossible to pick them to win outright. Justin Herbert will have a good game but the Chargers’ inability to defend the tight end will cost them a victory.”

Tyler Gallagher (16-8): Atlanta Falcons 24, LA Chargers 21

“In the last few weeks, the performance of this Chargers team has been awfully inconsistent and hard to predict. However, two things can be counted on: bad coaching and bad offensive line play. For that reason, I have the Chargers losing again and fewer points than expected being scored.”

Jason Reed (14-10): Atlanta Falcons 33, LA Chargers 30

I am currently writing this during the morning slate of games and the Cincinnati Bengals are losing 17-0 to the Dallas Cowboys. I think it is safe to say that they are going to lose that game.

If the Bengals would have beaten the Cowboys then the Chargers would have had a path to the third overall pick in the draft and Penei Sewell. I am convinced that if Cincinnati would have won then the Chargers would have ruined their chances and beaten the Falcons, just because that the Chargers way.

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The Chargers are a poorly coached team with a bad defense. This will be an offensive shootout, with Matt Ryan getting the game-winning drive to beat the Chargers.