LA Chargers: How to stay positive during the last 4 weeks of the season


This NFL season has not been easy on fans of the LA Chargers, but there are ways to stay positive over the next month!

The year 2020 hasn’t been easy on LA Chargers fans — or really — anyone. The fact that this statement might be the only one everyone can agree on says enough about this year alone.

The 2020 football season was supposed to be the escape for fans. It was supposed to be how we relieve stress and relax for a few hours every Sunday. Instead, for a fan of the Chargers, it has been the exact opposite of relaxing.

Whether it is lousy coaching, Injuries, or a lack of motivation from players, the Chargers have provided another disappointing season in 2020. With just four weeks left in the regular season, there are few reasons to keep a smile on your face as a Charger fan.

Only four more weeks of Anthony Lynn

One of the safest bets you could make in the world of sports at the moment would be that Anthony Lynn is going to lose his job as the Chargers head coach at the end of the current season.

Through the first twelve games of the season, Anthony Lynn has made a mockery of the head coaching title. Making critical errors in critical times has become the norm this season. Clock management has been abysmal, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

From head coach to special teams coordinator, there will be a new coaching staff in LA next year, which is one positive to keep in mind, so for the rest of the season, instead of being disgusted by the poor coaching, maybe treat it like a comedy show? Laugh a little and think to your self “no way any of this is real.”

Justin Herbert is a shoo-in for rookie of the year

The one bright spot in the pit of darkness the 2020 LA Chargers season has been Justin Herbert and some Hardware is on the way for the rookie.

Unlike Anthony Lynn, Herbert has proven this year he does make the right decision week in and week out. On pace to break the records for rookie passing yards (4,374), completions (379), and touchdown passes (27) Herbert has been electric. As of week 13, he sits at just under 1,100 yards away from the record, 84 completions away, and only 4 touchdowns from those records.

The Chargers are no strangers to rookie of the year honors, either. In 2016 Joey Bosa won the Associated Press Defensive Rookie of the Year, and in 2013 Keenan Allen brought home the Pepsi Rookie of the Year.

Another positive to look forward to is that at least one Chargers player will win a trophy in February.

Top 5 draft pick 

The LA Chargers are no strangers to high draft picks. In the last five years, the Chargers have picked in the top 10 of the draft three times, but a top 5 pick… now that is exciting.

The Bolts have only selected within the first five picks three times since the turn of the century. In 2001 it was LaDainian Tomlinson, 2004 it was Eli Manning — who they traded for Philip Rivers — and in 2016 they picked Joey Bosa. One is already a Hall of Famer, and the other two are on their way.

Drafting has never been the problem for the Chargers. We can assume Tom Telesco will make the right choice wherever they pick, but a top 5 talent such as Penei Sewell is precisely what the Chargers need heading into the 2021 season.

Even though the Chargers are 3-9 and all hope seems lost, there are still ways to look on the bright side. Chargers fans always get to see Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen be one of the most dynamic duos in the NFL every week. They play in the most excellent stadium in the NFL, and the Jersyes are still jaw-droppingly Beautiful.

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It’s not all bad, I suppose.