LA Chargers: 4 players that should not return in 2021

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(Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

4. Trai Turner

We all thought this trade was genius at the time and that Tom Telesco pulled off a robbery. We are not going to play the role of the hindsight police and pretend like this trade was destined to fail from the start.

Telesco flipped one year of left tackle Russell Okung for two years of Pro Bowl right guard Trai Turner. Ironically enough, the team might be better off if they only get one year of the former Pro Bowl right guard.

There are two problems with Turner. First off, he just cannot stay healthy. He has played in five games this season and appeared in just one over the first 10 weeks. You cannot justify paying $11 million to someone who could not stay on the field.

Second is that Turner was always a little bit overhyped, to begin with. He is a solid run-blocker but the signs were there that he was regressing in the league. Nobody could have expected what has happened this season but it is not like he has even been that great when he is playing.

Turner has allowed 12 pressures in only 223 pass-blocking snaps. That is not good.

The Chargers could legitimately get better production out of a rookie (if they drafted right) and at the very least could get 80% of what Turner could offer on a good day from someone who will cost the team far less.

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Sometimes you have to just take your medicine, admit that something did not work out and move on.