LA Chargers: The good, bad and ugly in slaughtering vs. Patriots

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The LA Chargers got absolutely outclassed by the New England Patriots in Week 13.

The LA Chargers continued their losing ways in Week 13 as they were throughout dismantled by the New England Patriots. This was by far the most embarrassing loss in a season full of embarrassing losses and it is clear that this team is not playing for Anthony Lynn any longer.

What makes this blowout even worse is the fact that the Patriots are not the same Patriots from years past. This is a team that has had success against good teams this year but has struggled at other times.

At the absolute worst the Chargers are just as talented as the Patriots. However, realistically, the Chargers have more overall talent on their roster than New England. The difference is the coaching staff.

We all knew that there was a massive difference between the two coaching staffs but the question was how big of a difference that would make on the game. The answer is a huge difference, as evident from the final score margin.

As we do with every loss, here are the good, bad and ugly things from Week 13.

The good:


Absolutely nothing. This game was a disgrace. This was a team that seemingly did not even want to be there. Can’t blame them when their head coach literally admits to the media that he told the team that the season is over.

You don’t do that. Everyone knows the season is over but to outright admit to the media that you told your players that is so terrible. So, so, so terrible