LA Chargers: Justin Herbert’s day and 4 bold predictions vs. the Patriots

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(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

4. The LA Chargers WIN this game

It is kind of sad when predicting just a regular ol’ win is considered bold but here we are. That is what happens when the team only wins three games in its first 11 and all three were against the three worst teams in the NFL.

Everything is going against the LA Chargers in this one. The team would benefit from losing for the sake of the 2021 NFL Draft and the New England Patriots are lightyears ahead of the Bolts in how they are run.

If you just look at the coaching matchup there is a massive disparity for the LA Chargers. Not only has Lynn been really bad this season but Belichick is the most successful head coach in NFL history. All signs are pointing to New England winning this game.

Yet they are still only one-point favorites against the Chargers, which almost seems too easy and when it seems too easy that means that it is.

Herbert’s massive day is going to propel the Chargers offensively and I just do not see how the Pats can keep up with their offense. The Chargers’ defense has been bad this season but the secondary has been better over the last three weeks and the Pats just do not have the offensive firepower.

Talent-wise the Chargers do have the advantage and while the coaching disadvantage is massive and worrisome I do think that Herbert is too damn good to get outscored by Cam Newton.

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Now, we just have to hope that they don’t completely blow it on special teams, which is always a possibility. Regardless, I think they get the job done.