LA Chargers: Grading five potential 2021 head coaching hires

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Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels chatter has picked up recently. Senior NFL reporter Albert Breer actually responded to a fans’ question about the Chargers coaching staff and listed McDaniels as a possibility. There are some rather clear connections from him to Telesco and Herbert.

Out of all the hot names out there, this one is the worst. McDaniels bombed in Denver. I’m not talking about the normal “he lost too many games” issue either. The former Broncos’ coach was hated by the players and many in the front office.

He failed to report the illicit videotaping of a 49ers practice, which also contributed to his firing. Cheating is the one area where the New England apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

On February 6th, McDaniels got a second chance as a head coach with Indianapolis. He started hiring his own staff. Matt Eberflus signed his contract as the new defensive coordinator. All seemed well and good.

Then, McDaniels snaked his way back to New England as offensive coordinator. Backing out of a deal he already agreed to was beyond cowardly, especially as his staff was beginning to be put in place. It is the absolute antithesis of professionalism.

Many close players and coaches who respected McDaniels even spoke out against the decision. Bob LaMonte terminated his sports agent representation with him.

On top of all of this crap, is McDaniels even worth it? New England’s offense has struggled since 2018. The last good year he had might’ve been Tom Brady‘s MVP year in 2017. Other than that, New England has consistently underperformed on the offensive side of the ball since his backstabbing of the Colts.

Maybe McDaniels finally turns it all around. But I’m nowhere near ready to hand the Chargers’ future to a man who’s career is plagued by scandal, deceit, and consistent underperformance. As the author Stephen King put it, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.”

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Picking McDaniels based on his current resume would be a disaster for Telesco or whoever the GM is.

Josh McDaniels: F