LA Chargers: Grading five potential 2021 head coaching hires

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(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

With Anthony Lynn looking like he’s on his last legs as Chargers’ head coach, how are some of the potential replacements looking?

Anthony Lynn‘s hot seat is getting hotter with each loss. The coaching mistakes in the Buffalo game in particular got widespread media attention over the weekend. Barring the Chargers finishing unexpectedly well, it’s hard to see him still having the job next year.

As he enters the final year of his contract in 2021, it’s time to decide on an extension or a firing. The Chargers may find themselves on both the GM and coaching carousels depending on how the franchise views the idea of letting Tom Telesco hire a third coach.

Since there may be some major franchise turnover, it makes sense to look at some of the replacements.

Jack Del Rio

Jack Del Rio might be my favorite head coaching candidate of the cycle. Perhaps that’s a really unorthodox thing to say when everyone wants Eric Bieniemy or whoever the sexy name at the time is.

Del Rio brought the Raiders to their first playoff appearance since 2002. While his tenures in Jacksonville and Oakland will be scrutinized by many, it’s not lost on me that he had four 9-7 or better finishes with franchises in total rebuilds to some extent. It’s really hard to have consistent success with those franchises, as we still see today.

Mark Davis always was rumored to have wanted Jon Gruden as the Raiders’ coach while Del Rio was there, so it wasn’t exactly a fair situation for him either.

Today, Del Rio is the defensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team under Ron Rivera. Washington is fourth in total defense and second in passing defense. That defensive line has been unleashed to maybe the fullest extent it ever has been in the last decade. The Chargers could use every other defensive line piece finding their stride in addition to Joey Bosa.

Being 2nd in passing defense with the lack of talent in their linebacker and secondary units is really great too. Truly, Del Rio is maximizing the talent of the defensive side of the ball in Washington.

Again, Del Rio isn’t a sexy name. People will be hesitant when it comes to accepting a retread coach they view as “failed”. Personally, I’d like an experienced coach over what we have now. Del Rio has been a head coach long enough to understand situational football better than Lynn.

The Chargers need tenacity, experience, and someone who can maximize the team’s current talent over some offensive revolutionary.

Jack Del Rio: A-