LA Chargers: What it would take to draft Penei Sewell

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(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

3. The LA Chargers have to lose out

There is no way around it. If the LA Chargers realistically want to draft Penei Sewell then they are going to have to lose out this season. Personally, I hate the notion of tanking and think that it is better to get some wins under Justin Herbert’s belt but even one win is too much for Sewell.

There is no way that both Cincy and Dallas win two games down the stretch to make up for even one win by the Chargers. They would have to continue their losing ways.

But hey, maybe that is what the front office wants. Maybe that is why Anthony Lynn is still the head coach despite giving the front office every reason in the book to fire him multiple times this season. Maybe he is planted to purposefully blow these games (without him knowing, of course) so the team can get Sewell.

I mean, I see no other reason to keep Lynn around. He is a great motivator and speaker, sure, but he and his staff have failed in every department not just this season but last season.

Heck, he even admitted to reporters that he told his players that the playoff push is done this season. Obviously, he is not wrong but what coach not only actively tells his players that there is nothing to play for but then ADMITS TO THE MEDIA that he told them that!?

If I am a Charger player why would I even bother getting up and playing for him at this point? The only ones that really have something to play for are those on contract years.

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Knowing the Chargers they will win one game to mess this all up. But with the circus show that this team has been this season, it would not even be shocking if they finished 3-13.