Why the LA Chargers are the best head coaching job possible

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(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

3. This is truly a chance to start something special and new

This sounds completely trivial and I will admit that but this is going to be a point that should be hammered home on the team’s search for the next head coach. More than any other team in the league, the LA Chargers present a chance to truly start something new and something that could be special.

In Detroit, you are taking over Matthew Stafford and all the miles on his body and have to transition from him eventually. The same can be said in Atlanta with Matt Ryan. Deshaun Watson is really intriguing, but that roster is demolished from Bill O’Brien and with no first or second-round picks in 2021 it is going to be tough.

The only job that offers something similar is the New York Jets with Trevor Lawrence but even then you have the stink of the Jets franchise surrounding you. The LA Chargers certainly have a stink to them right now as well, but this is a team that is entering the perfect time to find a head coach that ushers in a new era.

Sure, this is the first season in SoFi Stadium, but next season (hopefully) will be the first where fans can actually attend and see Justin Herbert in person. A brand-new stadium, a young, stellar quarterback and an elite head coach.

This new head coach, whoever he may be, is not only ushering in a new culture to the locker room but a new culture to the franchise. If this all pans out, fans will look back at this coach as the guy. The Vince Lombardi to the Green Bay Packers. The Tom Landry to the Dallas Cowboys. The Bill Belichick to the New England Patriots.

They are not coming in and having to deal with an old QB in Philip Rivers. They are not following up another act or cleaning up somebody’s mess.

They would be taking over a talented roster with Justin Herbert that has legitimate potential. They would bring in their very own staff, with most of the previous staff getting the boot.  They would be taking over a team that is ushering in a new era without much success in years past.

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If it all pans out, and again, I do not want to get ahead of ourselves, it could be a legitimate legacy job. Now that is intriguing.