LA Chargers: Justin Herbert game grade in loss to Buffalo Bills

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(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) – LA Chargers Justin Herbert
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) – LA Chargers Justin Herbert /

Justin Herbert lost his eighth game as the starter of the LA Chargers against the Buffalo Bills.

Justin Hebert has been the story of the LA Chargers this season. However, Herbert took a backseat in this game and he is not the person that everyone is talking about. Instead, the narrative following the Bolts’ Week 12 loss is Anthony Lynn.

Lynn coached the worst game of his tenure as head coach and that is saying something. If there is a dictionary example of a coaching performance that is worthy of being fired, it is this game.

However, we still have to talk about Herbert and the game that he had against another elite young quarterback in Josh Allen. As we do after every game, we are grading Herbert’s performance after evaluating both the positives and negatives of his day.

The positives:

On paper, Justin Herbert had a big game. He completed 31 of 52 passes for 316 yards and a touchdown. The one touchdown is low for Herbert but the 316 yards keep up his record-setting yardage pace.

Herbert was helped out by a hail mary completion at the end of the game that tacked on the yardage, which is called garbage time stats in the business, but he still was not bad in this game.

Herbert had several plays in which he escaped pressure and was able to complete the pass. The first-down conversion to Jalen Guyton is the first play that comes to mind as an example of Herbert alluding pressure and making a big completion.

The Chargers also had several drops in this game as well, which naturally hurts Herbert’s numbers.