LA Chargers: The good, bad and ugly in Week 12 loss to Buffalo Bills

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(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The bad:

Dropped passes:

The LA Chargers had a lot of drops today. It actually feels like a win that the team only held the Bills to 27 points and they were unable to do anything offensively. There were multiple reasons for this but one notable one was the countless drops that the team had.

Hunter Henry had a few, Keenan Allen was guilty and all in all the team could not consistently get anything going. Herbert missed some throw as well, which should be noted, but all in all this was a game where the Chargers absolutely could have scored enough if it was not for the mistakes that are easily avoided.

Special teams… again:

Goodness gracious I have never seen a special teams this bad in my life. Luckily, there were no blocked punts today but it was still a terrible effort. Michael Badgley missed another kick (surprise surprise) and Ty Long was not good in this game.

The Bills had fantastic starting field position in almost every single drive. Some were turnovers/turnover on downs, but the special teams is still to blame in some regard.

Bills starting field position:


— Tyler Schoon (@tylerjschoon) November 29, 2020

You could absolutely make the case that the special teams unit belongs in the ugly. However, we wanted to highlight something that was just so atrocious that it should be on its own level of UGLY.