LA Chargers: Justin Herbert vs. Josh Allen, who’s been better?

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Who has been better this season?

This is a really, really tough question to answer as the numbers are so close. The passing numbers are nearly identical and while Allen has better rushing numbers he is also asked to run more in the Buffalo Bills’ offense.

If Herbert was having the kind of season that he is having this year but it was in 2019 then this would be a no-brainer. However, Allen has really stepped his game up from years past, becoming an efficient dual-threat quarterback that is not burning his team.

Both quarterbacks have their advantages over each other as well. Herbert has better overall passing weapons and Allen has a much better offensive line and coaching staff.

This is not a question of who you would build your franchise around, either. This is simply a question of who has been the better quarterback this season.

I think I would go with Justin Herbert. And to be completely honest, I would not mind if someone were to go with Josh Allen. I know Charger fans will hate me for that one, but it has been so close.

I like Herbert because the deck has literally been stacked against him yet he is still thriving while Allen has had three years to get to this level and has a coaching staff that has really put him in a great position to succeed. I think Herbert has done slightly more with less than Allen has this season.

Also, the floor has been slightly higher for Herbert this season. Hebert’s worst quarterback rating in a game was 86.3 against the Miami Dolphins. Allen has produced four games below 80, albeit he also has two 400-yard games.

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It is really close, but I like Justin Herbert. Regardless, this is going to be an insanely fun game to watch.