LA Chargers: 4 most disappointing players through 10 games

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports – LA Chargers

Casey Hayward

The LA Chargers’ cornerback needs have been accelerated this season by the regression of Casey Hayward. Hayward has been absolutely stellar in his Chargers career but that has changed this season as he is noticeably not the same player.

This happens all the time with cornerbacks. Cornerbacks seemingly age faster than any other position in the league other than running back and they can go from elite to out of the league so quickly.

Hayward is far from there but he is no longer consistent enough to be the CB1 of the Chargers. He is more than capable of being a decent-enough CB2 moving forward but it is clear that the Chargers have some issues that need to be addressed at cornerback.

Hayward was getting exposed by Joe Flacco of all people in Week 11 as he was continually burnt deep and even committed a costly penalty. He has been a pretty poor tackler as well, missing eight tackles while only having 27.

Hayward has allowed a 103.5 passer rating this season with five touchdowns being thrown his way. To put into perspective just how bad that is for Hayward, his career-high before this season was five. He is on pace to allow eight.

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Casey Hayward has one more year left under his contract, making it easier for the LA Chargers to transition while keeping him in the fold for another year. However, if he continues to regress then I do not know what kind of role he will have once his contract expires in LA.