LA Chargers: Staff predictions vs. winless New York Jets


The LA Chargers look to secure their third win of the season against the winless New York Jets.

The LA Chargers are back at SoFi Stadium and have their easiest test of the season thus far as they host Joe Flacco and the New York Jets.

On paper, this is a game that the Chargers should comfortably win but we know as Charger fans to expect the unexpected. While the Bolts will not make a playoff push, we are hoping that they at least avoid the embarrassment of losing to the Jets.

As we do every week, we got together as a staff here at Bolt Beat to predict the winner and final margin of the game — picking whether it will be over or under the betting total. According to The Action Network, the total in this game is 46.5.

Staff predictions for LA Chargers vs. New York Jets:

Alex Insdorf has my favorite prediction of the entire week with perfect reasoning.

Alex Insdorf (9-7-0): LA Chargers 30, New York Jets 17

“Look, can the Chargers just stop making me look dumb every week?”

Brandon Viera (6-10-0): LA Chargers 27, New York Jets 9

“Anthony Lynn may very well be coaching for his job in this one. The Chargers are as healthy as they could possibly be and the Jets are the worst team in football. Get it done. A repeat of Christmas Eve 2016 in Cleveland is not acceptable.”

Devon Auriemma (13-5-0): LA Chargers 31, New York Jets 17

“The Chargers should absolutely win this game. Like the Jaguars game earlier this season, the Chargers are the much better team and are the healthiest they have been all season. The Jets are extremely thin at cornerback and are ranked near the bottom of the league in most offensive and defensive stats.

We should see Herbert and the offense be more aggressive and take more shots down the field this week. Following a poor performance against the Dolphins, I expect them to bounce back and pick up their third win of the year.”

Faustino Felix (5-3-0): LA Chargers 38, New York Jets 21

“The Chargers offense took a step back against Miami, but they will get back on track against the winless Jets.”

Ryan Daley (12-2-0): LA Chargers 34, New York Jets 17

“With less injuries and playing against a winless Jets team, I have confidence that this defense with Joey Bosa and this offense can get the job done.”

Steven Haglund (12-4-0): LA Chargers 31, New York Jets 23

“How I feel about this game is almost the same feeling that I had about the Jaguars game. The Chargers should win, they are the better team. The Jets have just enough on offense to make it interesting, and the Chargers’ special teams probably makes another mistake to aid that.

Joey Bosa’s return will get this team over the hump, though. If you can even call beating a winless Jets team just that. Justin Herbert should have a big day too.”

Tyler Gallagher (12-6-0): LA Chargers 28, New York Jets 20

“If you watched both teams play last week, you could tell that the New York Jets we’re playing with a much higher level of effort than the LA Chargers. That will be enough to keep it somewhat close, but the return of a few key pieces for the Chargers makes their talent too overwhelming to lose to the lowly Jets.”

Jason Reed (11-7-0): LA Chargers 30, New York Jets 24

This game is going to be closer than it should be. I am hopeful that the terrible run-heavy playcalling will not be present as the Jets have a historically bad pass defense that is even worse because it is banged up.

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I think the Chargers will be up 30-21 with about four minutes left in the game. The Jets will drive down the field and kick a field goal, giving themselves one last chance to take the lead with an onside kick with about two minutes left. The Chargers will recover and win.