LA Chargers: 3 bold predictions in Week 11 vs. New York Jets

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(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The 2-7 LA Chargers take on the 0-9 New York Jets in Week 11 of the 2020 NFL season.

The LA Chargers have their easiest game of the season in Week 11 as they host the winless New York Jets who will be quarterbacked by Joe Flacco. On paper, this is a game that the Chargers seemingly should win 10 times out of 10.

However, it is the Chargers and this game has fans sweating more than it should. While most fans have accepted that this season is essentially over, the idea of losing to the Jets is one to make any fan shudder.

Hopefully, the Chargers can get in and get out with a stress-free win that keeps everybody healthy. Here are my bold predictions for the game.

1. Justin Herbert has the more efficient game of his career

There is a difference between efficiency and overall output and this game is going to be the perfect example of that. In terms of overall output, I think Justin Herbert has a solid game but it will not be one that necessarily raises the bar much higher than he has already played it.

I expect him to finish with somewhere around 275 yards with two passing touchdowns and perhaps a rushing touchdown. A fantastic game by any standard, but it would not be his best game in terms of pure output.

In fact, 275 yards would fall under his average of 291.6 yards per game.

Instead, this will be Herbert’s most efficient game. The New York Jets’ defense is terrible and the secondary is extremely banged up. This bodes well for Herbert.

However, because of the playcalling and the insistence to “establish the run,” Herbert will not get the full chance to cook the Jets for the best game of his career.

I predict Herbert will complete 22 of 26 passes in this game, which will best his most efficient game thus far against Tampa Bay in which he completed 20 of 25 passes.