LA Chargers: Twitter reacts to Justin Herbert’s interesting new haircut


LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert cut his hair and it looks… interesting to say the least.

There are two things that LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is known for this early in his young career: his rocket arm and his luscious locks.

One of those things no longer exists.

Herbert still has his rocket arm (or so we hope) but he has ditched the long, flowing hair that has woven its way out of his helmet dating back to his time with the Oregon Ducks. In its place? A haircut that somehow made Herbert look even younger than he already looks. Let’s observe:

Well… that is… interesting.

Herbert was already one of the youngest looking quarterbacks in recent NFL history. As someone who was also born in 1998 and embraced the baby-face lifestyle, I appreciate the fact that the franchise quarterback of the LA Chargers looked like he was 16 while dueling against all-time greats in the likes of Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

Herbert has now somehow rewound the clock even further. Show this to your grandad, significant other or coworker who doesn’t watch football and ask them how old they think Herbert is. Leave the answers in the comments down below (hilarity should ensue).

Herbert’s excellent rookie season could not save him from a few jokes at the expense of him and his hair as Twitter did not take kindly to this one. Barstool Sports Jack Kennedy, who is a Charger fan, compared Herbert to that of a Pixar legend.

That's it. The death rattle of this season for the chargers.

My quarterback just went from cool-looking OROY frontrunner to Sid from toy story

— ⚓Fleet Week kenjac⚓ (@JackKennedy) November 18, 2020

What makes this better is knowing that Herbert did not pay a professional to give him the backyard hair cut that my dad used to give me. He told reporters in his interview that strength and conditioning coach John Lott, who last we checked is not a certified stylist, cut his hair.

He needs a barber.

I think the best explanation for Justin Herbert being so elite for the LA Chargers right out of the gate is that he literally has the force. That is more believable now that he looks like the young version of Anakin Skywalker.

Now I know why Herbert looks so familiar ?

— Krbÿ (@zKrby) November 18, 2020

At the end of the day, though, we do not really care what the quarterback of the LA Chargers looks like as long as the results follow and the results cannot be refuted with Herbert.

Herbert is literally setting rookie records and raising the bar for every rookie that comes behind him and that is without any preseason games as well as a 15-minute notice for his first career start. In a game that has seen so many great players, he has still found a way to trail blaze and make his mark on the league.

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Perhaps this haircut could flip the LA Chargers’ fortunes and they can start winning some games, starting with the New York Jets in Week 11.