Two reasons why Eric Bieniemy will not coach the LA Chargers

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(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

1. It seems unlikely that he will leave to compete with the Kansas City Chiefs

Obviously, Bieniemy would take the head coaching job of the LA Chargers if it was the only offer on the table as being a head coach in this league is a really big deal. But, he will be one of the more sought after coaches in the league and he will have options.

Of those options, it might not seem very intriguing to leave his current team only to compete against them in the same division.

Bieniemy became who he is today under Andy Reid. While he had other coaching jobs before, he returned to the NFL-level in 2013 as a running backs coach and should always be remembered as an Andy Reid disciple.

Leaving the team that groomed him only to have to play them twice a year does not seem like the best route. Sure, there are examples of this happening, such as Brian Flores in Miami, but the New England Patriots were obviously slowing down.

The Chiefs are not slowing down. They are going to be Super Bowl contenders for at the very least the next half-decade. Bieniemy knows this. It is much easier to pursue a job out of the division, both in respect for his former team as well as getting to avoid having to go through them every single season.

This would be a minor point if the LA Chargers were the bonafide top destination for Bieniemy, but they aren’t. Coaching Justin Herbert will be very intriguing but there will still be one job that is far more enticing, and it may surprise you.