LA Chargers: Week 10 staff predictions vs. Miami Dolphins


The 2-6 LA Chargers are on the road to take on the 3-5 Miami Dolphins and need a win.

Every week we talk about how the LA Chargers invented a new way to lose the week prior. Every week the team then goes on and finds a new way to lose. We write about it the following week. Wash, rinse, repeat.

We are hoping the LA Chargers break the trend this week at they head to Miami to take on the Dolphins. Tua Tagovailoa vs. Justin Herbert is the quarterback matchup of the week and a win can go a long way for the Bolts.

As we do every week, we got together as a staff to predict both the winner of the game as well as the correct side of the total. The total is set at 48.5 points, according to The Action Network.

LA Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins predictions:

Alexander Insdorf (8-6-0): LA Chargers 31, Miami Dolphins 30

“This game all comes down to the Chargers’ third-quarter performance. Opposing teams have scored 11.6 3Q points on average in the last five games. The Chargers figured out 4th quarter defense a little bit last week with two big stops against Vegas, but they can’t let a Tua led Miami team score nearly two touchdowns worth of points in the 3rd.”

Devon Auriemma (12-4-0): LA Chargers 27, Miami Dolphins 23

“The Dolphins defense and special teams has been great the past couple of weeks as they have scored three touchdowns in their past two games to help them beat the Rams and Cardinals. If Justin Herbert and the offense can take care of the ball, they have a good chance at winning this game.

The Chargers have put up 26 or more points in their last five games and while the Dolphins are inside the top 10 in points per game, they rank in the bottom 10 in most offensive statistics. In the first battle between Herbert and Tua, I’ll give the Chargers the very slight edge.”

Ryan Daley (10-2-0): Miami Dolphins 34, LA Chargers 27

“With Joey Bosa not playing again, this could be a field day for Tua against this defense. Though, Herbert could also have a day with the Dolphins missing some key players on the defense. At the end of day, my hope for this team has been shattered every week which is why I can’t pick them to win.”

Steven Haglund (10-4-0): Miami Dolphins 28, LA Chargers 24

“We all know how this game is going to go. It will be competitive. It will come down to the wire. That’s been the story of every single Chargers game this year. The question is, can the Chargers find a way to close out a superior team (at least record-wise) on the road?

Until I see it happen on a more consistent basis, I will not be predicting it to happen. I have the Chargers losing again this week, 28-24. Herbert will have to wait a little longer for his second career NFL victory.”

Tyler Gallagher (10-6-0): Miami Dolphins 34, LA Chargers 31

“The Miami Dolphins offense is just beginning to find its feet under Tua Tagovailoa, and the Chargers could be the team to knock them back down a peg. However, without Joey Bosa again, this game is likely to be a shootout where the final drive and special teams determine the game.

The Chargers have not succeeded in those areas in 2020, and we have no reason to believe that this week will be different.”

Jason Reed (10-6-0): Miami Dolphins 27, LA Chargers 21

The LA Chargers struggle historically in Miami and I think that will be the case in this game. I think that at the end of the day Justin Herbert will have a solid game with three touchdowns and 260+ passing yards, but there will be some hiccups along the way.

Justin Jackson is out of action and while the likes of Troymaine Pope and Kalen Ballage have stepped up in previous weeks I am cautious in expecting them to do so again. I think the running game will really struggle in this game.

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I think the Chargers will have a narrow winning margin at halftime but the Dolphins will make the necessary adjustments at halftime to secure the victory.