The Miami Dolphins’ biggest edge over the LA Chargers isn’t on the field


The LA Chargers have one big disadvantage as they square off against the Miami Dolphins.

The LA Chargers and Miami Dolphins’ showdown might be the most entertaining game of Week 10. It might not seem that way with a 2-6 team on the road taking on a 5-3 team but there are so many narratives in this one.

The main narrative is the showdown between Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa. The rookie quarterback that has set the league on fire and has set records vs. the more polished college player that was expected to do more in the NFL.

These two, alongside Joe Burrow, represent a trio of quarterbacks that will headline the NFL for years to come. They join the young wave of quarterbacks that includes the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson.

If you ask any unbiased football fan who has the advantage at the quarterback position they should say the LA Chargers because of what Herbert has been able to do this season. Tua is still great, though.

The Chargers have more weapons on defense and Tua is without his number one targeted receiver, Preston Williams, as well as his RB1, Myles Gaskin. Matt Breida is also banged up.

Defensively, the Dolphins have the edge. They force more turnovers and allow far fewer points per game. However, there are holes in that secondary and they still rank 21st in passing yards allowed.

None of those things mentioned are the biggest advantage for either team, though. The biggest advantage, in favor of the Miami Dolphins, is not even on the field.

The biggest advantage the Miami Dolphins have over the LA Chargers is at head coach.

Brian Flores is a fantastic head coach. Just look at how quickly he has shifted the culture in Miami from that of a terrible team to that of a playoff-caliber team. This is like the New York Jets being 5-3 and playing good football next season.

He has coached up this defense to be at the level that it is and the playcalling for the Dolphins cannot be complained about. Most importantly, though, he seems to have that it factor. That winning edge.

Bill Belichick disciples rarely work out — Brian Flores is going to. He got this team to buy into winning last year when they were better off losing and has coached them up to four straight wins.

Heck, the Dolphins have been in every single game as well. All three of their losses came down to the wire.

Anthony Lynn, on the other hand, is on the hot seat. His decision making in key moments has been questionable and it truly does feel like he is starting to lose his leverage over the team. Most importantly, he can’t win close games.

Bad losses are going to happen to every single NFL team every single year. It has become a trend for the Chargers, dating back two years. Some things are out of his control but when it becomes a trend it is a problem.

The quarterback position has changed, the offensive coordinator has changed but it is still happening. The buck starts at the head coach and Lynn has not been great.

That is the thing I am worried about the most. The Dolphins are in every single game and personally, I would trust Brian Flores a lot more than I would trust Anthony Lynn down the stretch in a close game.

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Keep an eye out for that. Brian Flores might prove to us all that there really are levels to coaching in the NFL against the LA Chargers.