LA Chargers: No, Bill Belichick will not coach the Chargers

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The possibility of Bill Belichick coaching the LA Chargers has intrigued some Charger fans.

The LA Chargers have been wildly disappointing this season. The one thing that was seemingly going to hold the team back was the quarterback position and that has been the best part of the team thus far.

Justin Herbert has had the best start to a career, ever, yet the Chargers are 1-5 in games that he has started. That has heated up Anthony Lynn’s seat and a lot of fans are ready to move on.

Chances are that the Chargers will not make a coaching change until the offseason and a massive new name has emerged as a candidate, as least as far as Charger fans are concerned: Bill Belichick.

The conversation started after a segment on Colin Cowherd’s The HerdCowherd broke down why he thinks Belichick might leave the Patriots after this season chasing greener pastures, mainly naming the Jacksonville Jaguars and LA Chargers.

Tom Brady left New England. Why can't Bill Belichick?@ColinCowherd explains:

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) November 10, 2020

On paper, this makes sense for both sides. The LA Chargers get the greatest coach of all-time, who is also defensive-minded, something that we have already broken down should be the biggest trait of the next head coach.

They also get someone to help sell tickets. It sounds like an exhausting argument, and it is, but the goal of upper-management is to make this team as successful and profitable as possible. There definitely is an added benefit to having Herbert and Belichick together to sell tickets.

And for Bill, he gets a new franchise quarterback that he can groom, a defense that is really talented and has a lot of potential and gets to come to bright and sunny Southern California in the later stages of his coaching career.

Perfect fit, right? Well, not so much.

There is one massive hurdle that the two sides would have to overcome that would probably keep this from happening: Belichick’s roster control. Belichick has been solely responsible for building the Patriots’ roster and while he is the greatest coach of all-time, he is one of the worst general managers in the league.

Belichick is great at finding hidden gems but he has been absolutely terrible in drafting early-round picks for many years now. We should not be confident in his ability to act, in essence, as the team’s GM.

Perhaps Belichick wants to put that behind him and just coach and if that is truly the case then great, sign me up! However, when he has that power and control in New England I just cannot see him leaving and giving it up.

Even if he leaves, a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars would likely give him a lot of control, similar to how much control Tom Coughlin had (granted, he was not the head coach).

Plus, this is assuming that Belichick actually wants out of New England. Sure, they are not great this season but they have a plethora of cap space, will have a decently high draft pick and have a lot of talented players returning that opted-out of the 2020 season.

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I would be shocked if Bill Belichick leaves New England and would be even more shocked if he came to the LA Chargers. And if he does, Charger fans better hope he doesn’t get the same power over the roster that he got in New England.