LA Chargers: Justin Herbert almost completes comeback – Game grade

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

LA Chargers: Positives from Justin Herbert’s game

The two guys in the picture up above have an awesome connection. I’m not sure how else to say it, but I feel Herbert to Allen is going to be one of the elite combinations in football for the next three to four years.

It feels like Keenan Allen will solidify himself as a top-five receiver in the game with Justin Herbert. That is something he never seemed to be able to do with Philip Rivers (although he was still obviously elite).

Justin Herbert’s third-down presence is just awesome to watch. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the league on third down, and to say that about a rookie is more than likely unprecedented.

There is not a third down the LA Chargers go into that I don’t feel confident they can convert. I think we could all be watching a third and 15 and think to ourselves, “Justin’s got this one. He’s gonna hit someone and move the chains.”

Herbert’s arm strength and mobility continue to show week after week. He is willing to back up 10-12 steps if he’s getting pressured, knowing he can get the ball to his target. His touchdown to Gabe Nabers showed his willingness to buy himself time when there’s a lot of pressure getting to him.

While his two check downs to the running back in the middle of the field were not great decisions, in my opinion, Justin Herbert did a great job on the final drive of the game. He put this team in a position to win the game. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Justin Herbert has looked amazing through seven games as the starter. Seeing him shaken up in this game made my heart drop, and the positives he shows week after week are great to watch. It’s likely all that keeps us watching by now.