LA Chargers News: Did Trai Turner confirm he is returning in Week 9?


Trai Turner has not yet made his mark on the LA Chargers. That could change in Week 9.

The LA Chargers kickstarted the 2020 offseason by making an excellent trade, flipping Russell Okung for Pro Bowl guard, Trai Turner. The Chargers were getting two years of Turner for one year of Okung and needed that interior offensive line depth.

Unfortunately, Turner and the LA Chargers have been a tad misfortunate this season. Turner has been dealing with injury problems this season and has only played one game — Week 2 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Turner did play the entire game (98% of the snaps) but has been inactive since. However, on Tuesday, he may have given a hint into when he is returning.

See ya soon

— Trai Turner (@trai_turner) November 3, 2020

This would be a massive addition for the LA Chargers offensive line. Justin Herbert has had to play with pressure in his face all season and having Turner back will certainly calm that storm.

The right guard position has been an interesting one this season. Tyree St. Louis started there for the Chargers and then the job was won by Ryan Groy. Groy, however, tested positive for COVID-19 and was also placed on the IR due to separate injuries and Cole Toner started there in Week 8.

Toner was actually better than expected. He was solid in pass-blocking but could have used some work run-blocking. That is exactly what Turner provides, as he is one of the best run-blocking guards in the league.

If the Chargers found a diamond in the rough in Toner then the offensive line could get a massive facelift for Week 9. Perhaps the team will start Turner at right guard and move Toner over to left guard in place of Forrest Lamp. If Toner plays like he did in Week 8 and can do so on the left side then he is absolutely a better option than Lamp.

The LA Chargers’ playoff odds are already slim and are hanging on a thread. One more loss might unofficially clinch them out of being able to make a run and sneak in. The team has to break off 4-5 wins in a row in order to get back into the hunt and having Turner return for that run could be massive.

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The injury report for Week 9 has not yet been released, but if we are trusting Trai Turner’s word, then it appears as if the LA Chargers might be getting a much-needed internal boost in Week 9 and beyond.