LA Chargers: Anthony Lynn should not be fired… yet


After another devastating loss, fans are petitioning for the LA Chargers to part ways with head coach Anthony Lynn.

The LA Chargers are the Atlanta Falcons of the AFC. Every year the team strings together heartbreaking loss after heartbreaking loss, typically in the worst fashion possible. Sunday was no different, as the Chargers blew a 21-point lead to the divisional-rival Denver Broncos.

The Chargers, yet again, looked like the more talented team on the field but could not get out of their own way, allowing the Broncos to storm back and take the lead on the final play of the game.

To make matters worse, the Broncos could not find the endzone on fourth down with one second remaining, but a really unnecessary pass-interference by Brandon Facyson gave them one more chance… and they delivered.

This story is getting old and every Charger fan is fed up — most want to see the team fire head coach Anthony Lynn. While I agree that the Chargers should probably move on from Anthony Lynn, I do not think it is time for the franchise to fire him quite yet.

I know, I know. It is the unpopular opinion. Let me explain.

Why the LA Chargers should keep Anthony Lynn around… for now:

First of all, Anthony Lynn theoretically could save his job. If the Chargers can finish the season with only two more losses and end up with a winning record then it is going to be hard to justify firing Lynn.

While it is statistically possible, it is not practical. Sure, we can keep saying the same ol’ “if they do this and that” they will make the playoffs — but they have made it clear that it won’t happen.

Playoff teams don’t blow games like this and they don’t do it multiple times. They don’t blow four 16-point leads in a row. The LA Chargers are not going to go on some miraculous run to save Lynn’s job.

That means he will probably be let go after the season and that is the right move to make. Yes, Lynn’s teams have blown so many leads the past two years and the buck stops at him, but if we are going to point out his faults, we have to point out the successes.

Justin Herbert has been phenomenal. Now, I will say, the fact that Lynn did not see that Herbert was the better quarterback prior to the season is bewildering. However, Herbert, and the offense, have been humming. It has been the defense and lack of situational playcalling that has hurt the team.

Some will give credit to Pep Hamilton. Hamilton definitely deserves some love, but again, if we are going to blame Lynn for these collapses we have to give credit where it is due.

Plus, while we are talking about Herbert, it really is not fair to him to fire Lynn right now. The Chargers will need an interim head coach for the rest of the season and that head coach is not going to be the head coach of the team next year.

Thus, Herbert will have to adapt to half a season of an interim coach before adopting a whole new system with a new head coach in several months. For the sake of his development, I want to keep Lynn around and make sure that Herbert continues being comfortable in what he is doing.

For now, the LA Chargers need to make changes. Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley and special teams coordinator George Stewart absolutely need to go. I know it is hard to fill in those positions during the season but it has not worked.

Bradley’s defenses have crumbled in every big moment this season. His conservative play calls down the stretch are sickening. If it was not for Justin Herbert saving the team last week against Jacksonville Bradley might have already been fired.

The LA Chargers should see if that sparks a change — if that kicks Lynn in the behind and lets him know that he is on the hot seat and things need to change. And when the Chargers eventually finish under .500, because they probably will, then the management will have seen enough to justify moving on.

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You could make the case that Tom Telesco would be on the hot seat as well. And while his coaching decisions have been bad, he has made great draft selections and has built a talented roster. He just needs someone who knows how to utilize it.