LA Chargers: Justin Herbert costs team crucial points – Game grade

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(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) – LA Chargers Justin Herbert
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) – LA Chargers Justin Herbert /

The LA Chargers lose in Denver once again, this time a 31-30 heartbreaker on a touchdown as time expired.

Watching these games will undoubtedly shorten my life span by at least 15 years at this rate. Week after week, the LA Chargers put themselves in prime position to win important games, and then they go ahead and rip our hearts out like we don’t even matter.

In the game, Justin Herbert finished 29 of 43, for 278 yards, three touchdowns and two very poor interceptions. He had a passer rating of only 89.1, which is down from what we have become quickly accustomed to in his rookie campaign.

The Chargers had a 21 point lead in this game, and yet it never felt like this win was truly locked up (obviously for good reason). How I continue to put myself through this week after week I have no idea, and it feels like I am watching and only looking for Herbert to improve regardless of the result by now.

Justin Herbert helped this offense score 30 points. This loss is incredibly frustrating and disappointing, but it cannot be solely placed on him. The other quarterbacks on the roster very likely do not put up those points, and the team isn’t close to a win without Justin Herbert at the helm.

Either way, a loss is a loss. Here are the positives, negatives, and final grade for Justin Herbert in the LA Chargers heartbreaking loss on Sunday.