LA Chargers owe it to Tyrod Taylor to trade him before the deadline

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The LA Chargers should do Tyrod Taylor a favor and trade him before the NFL trade deadline.

This is going to come off as an anti-Tyrod Taylor article. It isn’t. Taylor, for everything that he has done for the LA Chargers, deserves to be traded before the NFL trade deadline.

Taylor was slated to be the starting quarterback of the Chargers this season with many — myself included — expecting him to hold onto the job for most of the year. Anthony Lynn was really high on Taylor as a starting quarterback and it is not uncommon for rookie quarterbacks to sit.

Nobody could have seen what was coming. Taylor suffered a punctured lung from a pain-killing injection that the Chargers administered for a cracked rib shortly prior to Week 2’s showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Justin Herbert was thrust into the starting role and has made it his since. Nobody could have expected Herbert to play this good. Sure, some were high on the Oregon quarterback, but nobody rightfully expected him to start his career like Patrick Mahomes.

Herbert has earned the full-time starting quarterback job and Tyrod Taylor has still not returned to the active roster. When he does become ready to be activated, it should not be with the LA Chargers. The Bolts should trade him. He deserves it.

Why the LA Chargers should trade Tyrod Taylor:

It does seem kind of crummy to trade a guy after puncturing his lung with a needle but the Chargers would be doing this for Taylor, and rightfully so. Yes, you could make the case that the Chargers would benefit from having his veteran presence around and he is a better backup option than Easton Stick.

Both of those things are true. However, Herbert will be just fine without Taylor on the roster and if it does get to the point where the Chargers need the backup quarterback then the season is out the window anyway.

The only reason why the Chargers even have hope of making a playoff run, with all of the injuries that the team has suffered, is Justin Herbert.

There are teams out there that could use Taylor and that he could even start on. Most notably is the Dallas Cowboys. Andy Dalton suffered a concussion against the Washington Football Team and I promise you that Tyrod Taylor is a better quarterback than Ben DiNucci.

In fact, while I have never been the biggest Taylor fan, I would also say that Taylor is a better quarterback than Dalton. The Cowboys, in the terrible NFC East, have a chance to win the division and if they can improve at quarterback for pennies then they should do so.

If Cam Newton continues to play extremely poor then perhaps the Patriots take a flier on Taylor and bring him in to see if he could be better for the offense. Heck, even a team like the New York Jets, who very well might shop Sam Darnold with the potential of Trevor Lawrence, could use a quarterback like Taylor just to get them by.

And there probably will be more fits before the deadline passes. Injuries happen and there are places where a backup quarterback is more valuable. If there is a team that is interested in Taylor then the LA Chargers owe it to him to trade him.

Because at the end of the day, he is not going to get another starting chance as long as Justin Herbert is healthy. If he can start elsewhere, even if it marginally hurts the team, the Bolts should do it. Get a seventh-round pick for one year of Taylor. Let him get an opportunity elsewhere.

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Because at the end of the day, Taylor has been nothing but a professional despite everything surrounding his situation with the team. The LA Chargers should not hold him back from greener pastures if the opportunity presents itself.

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