Week 7 Overreactions: Are the LA Chargers over the hump?

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Overreaction #5: The LA Chargers defense has a tackling problem

In Week 7, the LA Chargers had a very noticeable tackling problem.

Play after play, James Robinson made the Chargers defense look silly. He frequently broke through arm tackles and more than once made the Chargers defenders look like hopeless freshmen on the scout team practicing against a varsity squad.

James Robinson sent him to the ground ? @Robinson_jamess @Jaguars

? #JAXvsLAC on CBS pic.twitter.com/8fNKJtqgbp

— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) October 25, 2020

What is even more concerning is the fact that Gardner Minshew was able to get away from a few sacks, including one where Jerry Tillery seemed to have Minshew wrapped up.

It certainly was not a pretty game for the Chargers defense in terms of tackling. However, I do not believe that this is a concern in the long term.

Nearly all of the tackling issues against the Jacksonville Jaguars were the result of technique problems and not a lack of desire to tackle.

As you can see in the play above, James Robinson primarily cut through Chargers defenders in ways that are correctable. Breaking through arm tackles happens when a player is out of position, which can be corrected through proper coaching.

Nasir Adderley was bulldozed by Robinson, but that is a play that a defensive back should not be making. Adderley should have gone low for the tackle against a strong back like Robinson.

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As long as the tackling issues are not due to lack of desire, they can be corrected through coaching. Since the want-to is there from the Chargers defense, tackling is not a major concern – yet.

Verdict #5: Slight overreaction