LA Chargers: Justin Herbert secures first win – game grade

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Justin Herbert’s Week 7 game grade: A+

When the only con is that he came out of the gates a little rusty and missed a handful of throws then you know it is going to be a good grade. Today, with a win, Justin Herbert earns an A+.

Even if the LA Chargers lost this game Herbert would have earned an A+. The Jaguars could have scored a touchdown on their last drive, recovered the onside kick and scored another touchdown and I would not have it in me to give Herbert less than an A+. Maybe he would get an A- if he had a chance to win the game late and didn’t come through.

The fact of the matter is that Justin Herbert is carrying this team and keeping them afloat. I know that sounds weird to say when the team is only 2-4 and this was his first win, but this season would be a disaster without Herbert.

Just imagine if the Chargers didn’t have Justin Herbert and instead drafted Isaiah Simmons or a lineman and then took a second-round quarterback. While anything could happen, I do feel comfortable saying that they would not be as good as Herbert has been.

The Chargers would not have even been in the games against Tampa Bay and New Orleans and instead of being 2-4 with a lot of hope to go on a run, we would be looking ahead at the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Justin Herbert is proving that his NFL debut was much more than a surprise. He is a legitimate NFL quarterback that is here to stay.