LA Chargers: Complete roster breakdown vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

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(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The offenses:

Quarterback: Advantage, LA Chargers

C’mon now. Justin Herbert is playing like one of the 10-best quarterbacks in the league. It is far too soon to say that he is one of the 10-most talented in the league, but he is putting up top-10 numbers.

Gardner Minshew is the second coming of Ryan Fitzpatrick — a meme-worthy quarterback who will be good enough for a long NFL career and will put togeteher vintage performances here and there but is not a fantastic bonafide starter.

Running backs: Advantage, Jacksonville Jaguars

James Robinsons has been a revelation for the Jaguars this season but if Austin Ekeler was healthy this would not even be close. Robinson has had a solid season and while we expect Justin Jackson to have a big game, it is too soon to give him and Joshua Kelley — who averages the fewest yards per carry in the NFL — the advantage.

Wide receivers: Advantage, LA Chargers

I actually think the Jaguars have really underrated receivers and that they do not get the love that they deserve. However, the Chargers have the only bonafide WR1 in this matchup in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams is probably the second-best receiver in this matchup.

Tight ends: Advantage, LA Chargers

Hunter Henry has had some big games this season but has also had some pretty quiet games, something that has become a staple of his career. However, he is still far better than what the Jaguars have to offer at the tight end position (Tyler Eifert).

With Virgil Green and another pass-catching option in Donald Parham, the clear advantage is to the Chargers.

Offensive line: Advantage, LA Chargers

This might sound crazy, but with Bryan Bulaga returning to practice, I do like the LA Chargers’ offensive line more than the Jacksonville Jaguars. With Bulaga and Trai Turner both out the two offensive lines are very comparable and the Jags might have the slight edge. Bulaga being back swings it in the Chargers’ favor.