Why the LA Chargers will likely be inactive during the NFL trade deadline

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2. The LA Chargers are notoriously faithful to their existing talent

Like it or hate it, the LA Chargers are super loyal to who they already have on the roster and who they had on the roster previously. That is why someone like Jahleel Addae is brought back when there are better options available to replace a hole.

The Chargers are not going to trade for someone at the deadline because they are confident in their team to a fault. Don’t believe us? There are multiple signs that showcase this reality.

First is the fact that the team was committing to Tyrod Taylor to be the starting quarterback for most of the season with Justin Herbert only getting his chance because of a freak injury. I don’t know what they were watching in practice because if Herbert has been practicing as he plays then it should have been clear.

The team also didn’t pursue tackle help in the draft or in free agency because they were high on Sam Tevi and Trey Pipkins (Tevi has, admittedly been much better). Heck, even recently Anthony Lynn said the team was “open” to signing guard Quenton Spain but followed it up by saying he is comfortable with the offensive line depth.

Spain isn’t some elite guard but there is not a single person on this planet that can watch Ryan Groy play and think that Spain would not be a massive upgrade.

Lynn is loyal. He is going to believe in his guys even when they don’t deserve it. It is part of the reason why he is such a good players coach but is also a fault at the same time.

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It does not matter if it is offensive line help, secondary help, or anything else the LA Chargers need. Lynn will be comfortable-enough with his team to not make any moves.