Why the LA Chargers will likely be inactive during the NFL trade deadline

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(Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports) – LA Chargers

The LA Chargers likely won’t make any moves during the NFL trade deadline.

The NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching and is not yet getting the buzz that it normally does in this crazy 2020 NFL season. Teams have until November 3 to make trades, meaning we have two more weeks of NFL action before the deadline is cut off.

The LA Chargers are in an interesting situation right now. The team is 1-4 and seemingly has the talent to make the playoffs but really needs to kick it into gear to get there. While the record is shoddy, the team has had one of the toughest five-game stretches to start the season and could have legitimately won each game.

They have a rookie quarterback in Justin Herbert who is blowing expectations out of the water. They nearly (and should have) beaten Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Drew Brees in a month span. With an easier schedule ahead, it is not hard to get excited about the Bolts.

That makes the NFL trade deadline an asset for a team like the Chargers — a team that is banged up but seemingly has the talent to make a playoff run.

Or, it could be an asset for the future. With a 1-4 record, the team could become sellers, selling some expiring pieces for future capital to build on a strong foundation. We even looked at two players that the team could trade if they did indeed commit to selling.

The fact of the matter is that the LA Chargers likely won’t commit either way. They won’t be buyers, they won’t be sellers. They will probably be inactive. Here is why.