LA Chargers: Is Justin Herbert a lock for ROTY? Analyzing his chances

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(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) – la cHARGERS
(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) – la cHARGERS /

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Clyde Edwards-Helaire had a bit of a lull in his rookie of the year campaign in recent weeks, but he reminded us of how dangerous he is against Buffalo. 161 yards on the ground was enough for a new career high for the rookie running back.

While the game against Buffalo was amazing, it didn’t stop his ROTY odds from dropping this week. The signing of Le’Veon Bell was the primary cause of Edwards-Helaire’s odds falling from around +700 to +1000. We don’t know how much work Bell will get on the ground and in the air, but any touches he gets will be siphoning off what was supposed to be #25’s workload.

Edwards-Helaire will have some opportunities coming up to show his stuff. The Broncos’ rush defense is decent, but it’s not top 10. The Panthers and Jets are 18th and 20th in rush defense respectively. These next few weeks are absolutely crucial for him when it comes to his rookie of the year candidacy, as he has to put up some dynamic performances before Bell is fully installed into the offense.

Another concern of mine when it comes to Edwards-Helaire’s chances is the Chiefs’ offense. Other than Travis Kelce being a constant, I’m not sure Kansas City really has guys that are guaranteed for a certain amount of volume or targets.

Some weeks Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins light it up, but other weeks they’re mostly held in check. The same is true for the ground game. Kansas City’s offense favors the hot hand more than any particular group of two or three players.