LA Chargers: Does a John Ross trade make sense for the Bolts?

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John Ross could be traded before the NFL trade deadline — does he make sense for the LA Chargers?

The LA Chargers should not be sellers at the NFL trade deadline despite owning a 1-4 record. The team is entering the easiest stretch of the season, has one of the easiest remaining schedules in all of football and has the talent to make a run towards the playoffs.

Does that mean the team is going to be a buyer? For that answer, we are going to have to wait and see. The Chargers would have to win every game before the NFL trade deadline and have a target that they really like that can move the needle.

A potential target has emerged in Cincinnati Bengals’ speedster, John Ross. Ross has requested a trade from the Bengals to get a fresh start. Ross has not been utilized much in Cincinnati and is on the last year of his rookie contract.

Ross is an intriguing trade target as he is one of the fastest wideouts in the entire league. Ross’s career numbers are not all-that impressive, neither are his 17 receiving yards this season, but he has the speed to blow the top off a defense and be a legitimate deep-threat.

With a quarterback like Justin Herbert that can let it rip, a target like Ross could be a big get. Plus, the asking price is going to be no more than a sixth-round pick, as the Bengals would be trading two-thirds of a season of a guy they don’t even utilize much.

So, does a John Ross trade make sense for the LA Chargers?

No. Despite all the things that I listed, it does not really make much sense for the Chargers to pursue Ross in a trade at this time.

I know, I know, he is everyone’s favorite speedster to use in Madden but the Chargers really do not need anyone that is just a dedicated speed threat. The team already has that on the roster in guys like Tyron Johnson, who essentially profiles exactly the same as Ross but just does not have the big name.

The price would be low for Ross but I am in the boat that the Chargers should not trade any draft capital unless it adds a new dynamic to the team. Ross does not add a new dynamic at all, he is just a slightly more talented version of something the Chargers already have.

I would much rather see the team trade for secondary help or offensive line help if they were to make any moves at the deadline. Trading for a speed-threat receiver just does not make a lot of sense, even if that sixth-round pick is a great value.

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There is some team out there that could really utilize someone like Ross that does not already have an over-the-top speed threat. That team is not the LA Chargers.