LA Chargers: 4 things that must happen to make the NFL Playoffs

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

4. The Cleveland Browns or Indianapolis Colts to fall out of the picture

The LA Chargers could do all of this, finish with a 9-7 record and still not make the playoffs. Of course, a lot can happen and certain teams can fall out of the playoff picture, but the two that are the most likely that the Chargers should root against are the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts (sorry, Phil).

As it stands, it looks like the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are a lock for two playoff spots and both could be 10-win teams. The Tennessee Titans are 5-0 and should win the AFC South. The Chiefs will win the AFC West and the Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East. There is five playoff teams.

One of the Browns/Colts is bound to back it. I think the chances of both teams having terrible second halves of the season is slim to none. One of these teams will be a wild-card team. The Chargers have to hope they are the other.

Both teams have tough games remaining on their schedule and one of them could easily fall apart, lose the tough games and then lose some games that they should win.

The Colts have tough matchups against the Ravens, Titans (twice), Packers, Raiders and Steelers. The Browns have tough matchups against the Ravens, Steelers, Titans and Raiders with an interesting matchup against the Eagles.

Justin Herbert could easily be an MVP candidate. Next

The LA Chargers need to play their best football the rest of the way and hope that either the Colts or Browns (or both) do not.