LA Chargers: We’ve seen enough — it is time to fire Gus Bradley


It’s time to start questioning every aspect of the coaching staff after another frustrating LA Chargers loss.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, only 3 things are certain in life, death, taxes, and the LA Chargers blowing leads.

Monday night completed another chapter in the depressing history that is LA Chargers football. The most important takeaway is that defensive coordinator Gus Bradley needs to go, and if his seat is not already hot, it should at least be lukewarm.

A lot of fans think that head coach Anthony Lynn should be the first to go, and while there is a lot of weight to this argument, Gus Bradley makes more sense at this moment.

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For one, Gus Bradley’s Cover 3 scheme has been destroyed by intelligent quarterbacks finding the soft spots. This is especially clear with less than 2 minutes in the game or at the end of the half, where it seems the opposing team has no problem driving down the field to get points.

Bradley is never criticized for these mishaps because something always happens that is so absurd it distracts us from it. Before Michael Badgley’s missed field goal, the New Orleans Saints went 73 yards in eight plays to score a touchdown that tied up the game.

Drew Brees was looking average all game until that drive where he was able to carve up the Chargers’ defense with ease.

The week before against Tampa Bay, the Chargers were up 24-7 before the defense once again collapsed and Gus Bradley had no answer for Tom Brady. The Chargers’ defense has a ton of talent and there is no excuse for this kind of choke job every week. Bradley needs to go.

Another problem I have with Bradley’s scheme is that he never blitzes. The best game defensively the Chargers have had all year was against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In that game, the Chargers were able to get a lot of pressure on Patrick Mahomes, and Bradley called a blitz more than one time. Now with Joey Bosa fighting off injuries, and Melvin Ingram out, it makes sense to bring in more blitzes to manufacture pressure but I have yet to see that.

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If this season continues like this do not be surprised to see Gus Bradley and the rest of the coaching staff gone by the end of the season.