LA Chargers: The checklist that must be filled to sign Le’Veon Bell

Jason Reed
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(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Le’Veon Bell is a free agent running back that could be of interest to the LA Chargers.

The LA Chargers have one of the best dual-threat running backs in the league in Austin Ekeler and could get even deeper at the position if they pursue former All-Pro running back, Le’Veon Bell.

After an interesting relationship with Adam Gase and the New York Jets, Bell was finally released by the team that signed him just over a year ago on Tuesday night. The Jets could not work out a trade for Bell and thus simply cut ties, something that Bell himself was seemingly very happy about it.

Bell has not been fantastic in his 17 games with the New York Jets after taking a season off in the NFL. He averaged only 3.3 yards per carry with the Jets an average of 50.8 rushing yards per game. His receiving numbers also went down, averaging 29.4 receiving yards per game.

However, it is the New York Jets we are talking about and Bell is still a talented back that can be utilized elsewhere. He is definitely not an All-Pro running back anymore, but the Cleveland Browns have shown the blueprint of what can happen when you have two really talented running backs.

The LA Chargers could have just that. They would have a legitimate RB1 replacement while Ekeler is hurt and a new dynamic tandem once he returns.

So what would it take for Le’Veon Bell to sign with the LA Chargers? There are two factors that must be checked off if we want this to even be a reality.