LA Chargers News: Chargers schedule significantly altered for the worse

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LA Chargers News: The Chargers schedule is much different now than it was supposed to be.

We all knew that the 2020 NFL season was going to be the most unique and interesting NFL season in league history and we are seeing that impact the LA Chargers directly. The latest Chargers news came as a surprise.

The NFL had to cancel the New England Patriots-Denver Broncos game on Monday and move i9t to Week 6 as a result. With issues also surrounding the Tennessee Titans (and now Buffalo Bills) this prompted the NFL to shift the entire schedule around.

Despite not being involved in the issues at all, the LA Chargers took the brunt of the schedule movement because of the common opponents. ESPN’s Adam Schefter first had the news of all of the schedule changes upcoming.

Here is the new schedule:

2020 schedule update.

— Los Angeles Chargers (@Chargers) October 11, 2020

This is compeltely different from what was originally scheduled and quite frankly, hurts the Chargers pretty significantly.

The Bolts were heading into the easiest stretch of the schedule following their Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints. The original schedule had the Chargers hosting the New York Jets in Week 6, were on the road against the Miami Dolphins in Week 7 and were hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 8.

Instead, the Chargers get a bye week in Week 6 before hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars a week early. The Week 8 matchup against Denver was originally in Week 11 and the Dolphins and Jets games were pushed back and flip-flopped.

The main reason why this burns the Chargers is that the team now gets its bye week in Week 6 instead of Week 10. Having a midseason bye week is far more beneficial than an early-season by week. Now, the Chargers must play 11 games in a row.

There is a good chance that this is not even the final schedule, either. This is all banking on the hope that the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills on Tuesday. That is in even more doubt after it was reported on Sunday morning that another Titans’ staff member tested positive for coronavirus, prompting the team to close the facility yet again.

This (once again) impacts the Chargers as the Chargers (and the other teams in the AFC West) play the Bills later in the season. It will be interesting to see what the NFL does to the Week 12 contest if they have to re-make that Bills-Titans game as well.

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At the end of the day, it is not the LA Chargers fault that this happened and while it does suck for the team, some thing are simply out of the Bolts’ control. The health and safety of the players and staff members is far more important that the location of a bye week.