LA Chargers: Complete roster breakdown vs. New Orleans Saints

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(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The offenses:

Quarterback: Advantage, LA Chargers

Yep, this is bold. My best friend who is also a New Orleans Saints fan would probably laugh at me for writing this, but the LA Chargers have the better quarterback in this game.

Look, Drew Brees is not the same guy. While his numbers are decent, he does not have the arm to uncork the ball down the field. He has been held up by Alvin Kamara while Justin Herbert holds up the entire (banged up) Chargers offense.

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The way both guys have played this season, I think Herbert is the more talented quarterback.

Running backs: Advantage, New Orleans Saints

This would be close if Austin Ekeler was playing but I would still say the Saints have the advantage. Alvin Kamara has been arguably the best running back in football this season and Latavius Murray is an overqualified backup.

Wide receivers: Advantage, New Orleans Saints

This hinges on if Michael Thomas is playing. If Thomas plays, no matter who is healthy for the Saints, I give the advantage to New Orleans. If he does not play then it swings slightly in the Chargers’ favor if Mike Williams is out and way in the Chargers’ favor if Mike Williams plays.

Tight ends: Advantage, LA Chargers

Jared Cook is a beast but I do think that Hunter Henry is better and the Saints have struggled against tight ends this season so I expect Henry to have a big game. Plus, the tight end depth with Virgil Green and Donald Parham is far better than the Saints’ tight end depth, in my opinion.

Offensive line: Advantage, New Orleans Saints

It is not even close. The Chargers’ offensive line is massively banged up and even if it wasn’t it is not on the same level as the Saints’ offensive line. This is the biggest (and most important) advantage.