LA Chargers: Justin Herbert continues to impress – Game grade

The LA Chargers lost a heartbreaker (yes, again) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. Here is Justin Herbert’s grade for his performance.

Hi readers, it’s me again. Doesn’t it feel like the LA Chargers have put us through the same exact thing for over a decade now? Anyway, a 24-7 lead disappeared in an instant, but Justin Herbert has me more excited for the future of this team than I would’ve originally thought heading into just Week 4.

Justin Herbert looked phenomenal this week going up against the greatest quarterback of all time. For the day, Herbert completed 20 of 25 passes, for 290 yards, three touchdowns and one interception. This gave the rookie a total quarterback rating of 137.9, compared to Tom Brady’s 117.0.

For Herbert’s game grade, I’m gonna give him a solid A. Maybe some of you are going to really bring that down because of the obvious interception, but at least give me a chance to explain myself here.

Breaking down Justin Herbert’s A grade:

Yet again, Justin Herbert ran onto the field for the LA Chargers and looked like a veteran quarterback. For someone who had so many doubters after being drafted sixth overall, you would think that may be extra pressure just looming over his shoulder game in and game out.

Along with that, given the circumstances that brought him in, you’d think he would go out there as nervous as can be every week. However, Herbert comes in every week, and just continues to blow fans away with how great he has looked so quickly.

The touch that Justin Herbert showed on his deep ball this week was just awesome to watch. Compared to what we saw so often from Philip Rivers last season (no disrespect to Phil whatsoever as he is in a much different stage of his career), watching Herbert wind up to throw it deep just gives the feeling that something good is going to happen.

When Rivers through deep balls last season, it felt like Mike Williams would have to make a circus catch or we’d be looking at the opposition create a turnover.

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Once again, a costly turnover that Herbert made did cost the LA Chargers the football game. However, without Herbert, it is not a game they would’ve been in at all. It was a bad throw. They happen to even the best of quarterbacks. Given the game Justin Herbert had, I’m not going to drop him down more than I should strictly because of that throw

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Justin Herbert played an amazing game for the LA Chargers on Sunday, even though they did not get the result they were looking for. If he keeps playing this way (assuming he remains the starter) an Offensive Rookie of the Year trophy may have his name on it and the wins will surely start to come. Move on and look to win against a tough New Orleans Saints team in Week 5.