LA Chargers: 5 overreactions from Week 3 loss to Panthers

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Overreaction #4: The secondary is in trouble if the injuries to Chris Harris or Nasir Adderley are serious

While plenty of things went wrong in Week 3, perhaps the most serious thing that went wrong for future weeks would be the injuries to Chris Harris and Nasir Adderley.

Nasir Adderley was able to return to the game, but history has shown that injuries one week can easily spill over into future weeks, making the Chargers safety depth dangerously thin.

On top of that, Chris Harris seemed to suffer a more severe ankle injury, and he was unable to return to the game.

Together, these injuries are concerning, as the highly touted depth in the secondary has rapidly been tested. How concerned should Chargers fans be heading into next week?

The answer to this question is reliant upon who the LA Chargers are facing next week. Unfortunately, the next opponent for the Chargers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, boast an excellent receiver duo of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin to go along with Rob Gronkowski (who finally made an impact on the offense in Week 3) and O.J. Howard.

These are the opponents that the Chargers had in mind when they decided to bring in Chris Harris in the offseason. While Casey Hayward has demonstrated that he is able to shut down an elite receiver like Mike Williams, which has frequently just resulted in massive days for opponents’ number two receivers in the past.

That was supposed to change this year, and to a large extent, it has.

However, if Chris Harris cannot go, the Chargers will be forced back into playing one of Michael Davis or Brandon Facyson against Chris Godwin, which is clearly a massive mismatch.

While the safety depth behind Nasir Adderley is excellent, an injury to Adderley would take away the ability to use Desmond King as a corner, which would be a clear asset with Harris likely out next week.

With the receiving duo that the Chargers will face next week, as well as the possibility that Desmond King may not be able to play up at corner in Harris’s absence, the injuries in the secondary are very concerning heading into Week 4.

Verdict #4: Not an overreaction