LA Chargers: Keenan Allen breaks 100 yard mark – Game grade


The LA Chargers did not look great in their 21-16 loss to the Panthers on Sunday. Keenan Allen however looked amazing. Here is his Week 3 game grade.

The LA Chargers really found plenty of different ways to shoot themselves in the foot in a heartbreaking Week 3 loss against the Carolina Panthers. However, throwing to Keenan Allen seemed to almost always be the right move.

Allen had an absolutely monster day against the Carolina secondary. He put up a line of 13 receptions on 19 targets, for 132 yards and a highlight reel touchdown on an incredible throw from Justin Herbert.

You look at the line, and just how well Allen played for an LA Chargers team who could seemingly do nothing right and anything other than an A+ seems atrocious. So, what am I going to give Keenan Allen for the game? That’s right, he gets an A+. Here’s why that’s the case.

Breaking down Keenan Allen’s A+ grade:

Keenan Allen played what felt like a perfect game at the wide receiver position. While almost everything else about that game gave us all chest pains and headaches, the connection between Justin Herbert and Allen felt really special. It certainly leaves a lot of hope for the future of this team, since both players will be around for at least four years.

Allen felt like he could get whatever he wanted throughout the entire game against the Panthers. Whether he found an open hole in the zone or just beat his man with his usual elite route running, Keenan Allen was very fun to watch when everything else seemed to be terrible.

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If you want to give Allen any criticism about his performance, there is only one instance that comes to mind. On the Justin Herbert interception at the end of the first half, Allen looked to have no idea that the ball was coming his way (shoutout to Steven Haglund for pointing that out otherwise I would not have noticed). There isn’t any reason I can think of for the lack of awareness on the play, so it is something that could be pinned on both Allen and Herbert.

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Keenan Allen was a joy to watch on Sunday, even if the LA Chargers could not get it done. If they improve in some other areas and Allen can perform like this once again, a Week 4 victory in “Tompa Bay” may not be so out of reach.